Vision and the Objectives of the Journal

Journal Vision: the publication of the distinguished and innovative scientific papers in Humanities in accordance with scientific and academic standards in order to contribute to the leadership in the field of scientific research.

Objectives of the Journal:

  • Publication of the innovative papers in the fields of arts and humanities after being reviewed by scientific experts.
  • Support the researchers in the field of humanities inside and outside the university.
  • The publication of the proceeding of scientific conferences and seminars in the field of educational sciences inside and outside the university.
  • Scientific cooperation between the journal and the Arab researchers and scientists in the journal field of specialization.
  • Active contribution in the dissemination of knowledge in the fields of arts and humanities among Iraqi, Arab and foreign universities.
  • Uruk Journal for Humanities receives opinions and proposals submitted by scientists and researchers to contribute to the progress of scientific research and the development of the journal.
  • Circulating the desired benefit of publishing researches by putting the journal issues in the hands of readers and researchers on the website of the journal.