Publishing Instructions

  1. Only original papers will be considered and it is preferred to have practical sides. Additionally, they should not be published before at any journal and the author is requested to show a written assurance as he/she submits his/her paper to the editorial staff.
  2. Papers written in Arabic and English languages should be typed on white papers (A4) by using Microsoft Word with double spaces. Papers written in Arabic must be typed with Simplified Arabic and papers written in English must be typed in Times New Roman with size (18) for main titles, (16) for subtitles and (14) for the text.
  3. All papers will be subject to appraisal and the author must adjust his/her paper as per the suggested recommendations, bringing back the final copy on CD as well as his/her C.V., information concerning his/her paper in Arabic and English as it is required.
  4. Papers published in the journal should not exceed (20) pages. Otherwise, the author should pay (2000) dinars for each extra page.
  5. Titles of papers should be written explicitly indicating; title, abstract, introduction, materials and methods of research, conclusion, discussion and references.
  6. An abstract should be written in both languages i.e. Arabic and English. This should not exceed (150-200) words. Furthermore, the abstract written in the opposite language should be placed at the end of the paper.
  7. References should be arranged alphabetically and Arabic references should be written first followed by English. Moreover, the author should follow the methodology that suiting his specialization to arrange the references.
  8. In linguistics and literary papers, references are arranged as follows: the author’s last name, first name, date of death, editor’s name, publisher, place and date of publication. In historical, geographical, psychology, law as well as other specializations, the author should follow the methodology that suits his specialization.
  • Tables and figures must be clear and their information must be perfect and descriptive.Photographic images must be typed on glaze shining papers in addition to mentioning title and number of the images.
  • Publishing papers costs (100,000) ID distributed as follows:

Non-refundable (30000) ID for assessing in addition to (70,000) ID for publishing, to be paid finally.

  • The author will get three copies of his/her published paper.