Uruk Journal of Humanities is a well-established scientific journal specializing in the publication of papers within the scientific fields of arts and humanities.

  • Papers are reviewed and evaluated scientifically and linguistically before being published.
  • All submitted papers and articles are subject to exclusion system (turnitin).
  • All submitted papers and articles are subject to assessment by number of scientific experts inside and outside the university. The journal often seeks 2-3 outside experts for each paper.
  • Reviewers should be qualified and knowledgeable in the field of the target subject and have the skills of auditing and constructive criticism to check the originality of papers as well as to help the editors to determine if the papers are pertinent for publication or not.
  • When the paper is completed by the reviewer, a printed report along with a copy of the paper and the observations confirmed is sent to be taken by the author.
  • Reviewers take into account the evaluation of the papers within a period not exceeding (fifteen days) so that the journal can prepare it for publication in the next issues.
  • The authors receive the review reports with editorial board’s decision on their papers.